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Membership Site Success Podcast

May 11, 2023

In this insightful podcast episode, Micah interviews Charles Byrd, founder of PureJV and a joint venture expert who has successfully helped businesses scale through strategic partnerships. The methods and insights shared here can directly apply to help you grow your online course or membership site.

Charles shares his journey from working as a director in Silicon Valley to creating a popular low-ticket productivity course and eventually building his own business, PureJV.

By developing a unique JV strategy, Charles assists businesses in identifying profitable partners, connecting with them, and guiding conversations to secure deals quickly. The podcast emphasizes the power of combining strong relationships and effective systems to create winning outcomes for all parties involved in joint ventures.

Charles also highlights the benefits of joint ventures as a low-risk marketing strategy that leverages warm traffic and drives better conversion rates than paid ads. He discusses the importance of diversifying traffic sources and having a high stick rate for memberships, using a launch model to create urgency for signups.

Charles works with million-dollar-plus businesses through five-week VIP engagements, where he helps them leverage joint ventures to add an extra million to their revenue. Additionally, he offers a coaching program through his team for businesses earning around $60k or more.

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